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Parents' feedback to administrators

Lisa J. Cooley School Board member, parent of 2 public school students.

As a school board member, I have to be very careful when I talk to school administrators about things I think should be done differently. Generally my husband handles those things. When 2 of my son's teachers behaved inappropriately in the classroom last year, he was the one who called or emailed. Now there have been nonsensical schedule changes in the middle school and he was the one to politely point out the absurdity.

What kinds of responses do you get when, as parents, you point things out to administrators? what do you do when you don't get satisfaction? Do you take your comments to the next level? I'd be curious to hear other parents' experiences.

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Instructional Designer and Educational Reform Proponent

UGH. Having a child with

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UGH. Having a child with learning differences, and having dealt with IEPs, I've had everything from being belittled by administrators, talked to condescendingly, and have taken matters to higher levels. Granted, I have had some good experiences with a couple of administrators, but for the most part the administrators seem to get highly defensive about anything parents don't agree with (IMHO). My experiences with public school administrators were so offensive over several years that we eventually pulled our children out of public school and homeschooled--with much greater success, I might add. Basically, I never found administrators (overall) to be very responsive or reasonable when it came to complaints about changes they made which adversely affected the students. Whatever the administrator decided stands--no matter what--because they're the experts and we're "just" parents.

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