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Connecting School & Home

Connecting School & Home

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What helps you foster good communication between home and school? I'm looking for suggestions of technology tools, strategies, and resources that lead to strong connections and productive dialogue about everything from homework help to resource needs for the classroom. We'll be sharing your best ideas in an upcoming Edutopia guide. Thanks in advance for your suggestions! ~Suzie

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Lisa J. Cooley's picture
Lisa J. Cooley
School Board member, parent of 2 public school students.

This is something that vexes me. I have emailed my kids' teachers but the communications always seem rushed on their side. I think I might try to have a more productive, regular email exchange with them this year.

The "note sent home in the backpack" just doesn't work around here.

I've been thinking about trying to establish a "lead parent" in each classroom, or at least a lead for each project, someone who coordinates out-of-school activities that are for a project i.e. "I'm taking Timmy to the town office to look up such-and-such, and Betty can tag along because she has to take pictures of something along the way." I think it'd ease the burden of PBL that parents feel.

A group of Moms from my daughter's ballet class have a Facebook group, which works OK, but the ballet teachers aren't active online people so whenever we have a phone call from the teachers, we post the info. on the Wall. It's been good for bitch sessions, too! ;)

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