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A Checklist for Online Learning

Keith Heggart High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

I came across this list from Simon Shaw (Director of Edable in the UK) where he has identified several 'value propositions' for the use of educational technology in schools. I think it's an interesting analysis of the possible benefits for online and other forms of technology-based learning, and well worth discussing.

1) Engaging parents with their children’s learning

2) Motivating and connecting learners with learning

3) Broadening access to curricula and qualifications

4) Increasing choice and personalisation of learning

5) Responding to special and individual educational needs

6) Enabling learning supported through peer and social networks

7) Exploiting online assessment capabilities

8) Improving the quality and consistency of teacher assessments

9) Enhancing classroom practice and management

10) Supporting teaching and professional development

11) Developing the quality of electronic content and curriculum resources

12) Deploying resources, including open-source software and volunteers, more effectively

13) Incentivising collaboration between teachers and schools

14) Managing learning across multiple institutions and environments

15) Involving and supporting families and the community

Which of these do you see as important? Which of these work in your schools?

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