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Looking for LMS suggestions

Patient Education Patient Education Administrator for healthcare provider

Greetings, Edutopians!

I work in Patient Education for a healthcare provider. We are looking for an LMS for patient education programs that are targeted at a fifth-grade level. I'd like for it to be as easy-to-use as possible, with no plug-ins or downloads required. Blackboard, Moodle and even Brainhoney would probably be too confusing for this patient population. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate your feedback! Thank you.

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I would try a company called

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I would try a company called Woople! It's a fun, easy to use education/messaging platform and more than just an LMS!

Hello, You might want to

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You might want to check Finnler ( It's super easy to use and comes at zero cost. Seems like a perfect fit for your requirement

Instructional Designer at Lewis-Clark State College

I've heard good things about

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I've heard good things about Edmodo. I've also seen a lot of people create "online courses" using free Google Sites. I guess it depends on the kind of security needs you have. Does it matter if people outside your organization see the content? Though with Google Sites you can control access by granting access with the desired users' emails. Using Google sites you could deliver the content in a method as simple as a bulleted list of links to articles, or just text and simple images on the page.

High School Health teacher, and ESOL K-12

I need a LMS that allows me

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I need a LMS that allows me to post what's on my desktop or webcam onto the main screen for all viewers to see who log onto my site, anywhere in the world. Then, I need the option for anyone to speak to me (and so that all can hear) and, if I want to conduct a unison speech, let all hear the audio in sync with no latency issues. Suggestions?

Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

Debra, how many people do you

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Debra, how many people do you need to be on at once? If it's a small group, a Google+ hangout might do the job. For a larger one, you could use Adobe Connect.

I also second the Edmodo recommendation.

K-5 Instructional Technology Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

I use Edmodo with my 5th

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I use Edmodo with my 5th graders, and it's a great way to share assignments with students and receive work back from them. We've used it as a discussion board for a summer reading program and I use it with a class of kids to keep track of work. It's great.

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