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It's a small world

Keith Heggart High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

One of the great opportunities provided by technology is the ability to connect with diverse groups from around the world, for a whole range of purposes. In my career, I've worked with telementoring students in a business college, as well as more traditional examples of students talking to other students regarding their lives - the modern day example of pen pals, if you will.

Anyway, I recently started another conversation with a teacher from the US, discussing ways that we could encourage two different groups of students share their ideas. We've come up with the idea of using edmodo, because it allows us to monitor their contributions, as well as for ease of use sharing documents and video clips and so on. We've also used skype to chat with each other.

I've started this discussion topic because I want to hear from fellow educators about their experiences using technology to connect across geographical and cultural divides, so lets hear some of them!


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