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Best online grammar tools

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Grammar is one of those topics that can make kids' eyes glaze over! In honor of National Grammar Day, we'd love to hear your favorite online tools that help kids learn grammar while keeping them engaged.

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Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

More Grammar Tools for Nat. Grammar Day!

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I just got these tips from my weekly Grammar Girl enews that might be helpful.

Visit the National Grammar Day (NGD) website for fun, free stuff:

An NGD e-card
A video of the official NGD theme song
A hall-of-shame playlist
A list of our blog partners
Photos from the Grammar Girl Flickr group.
Teaching materials
Vote for your favorite Schoolhouse Rock! episode.

Grammar Girl also has great free tips and you can also subscribe via iTunes or RSS.

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