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Models of Teaching: Let's Go to The Movies

Models of Teaching: Let's Go to The Movies

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Few of us would deny the importance that the media has played in the formation of the cultural images and imaginings that we hold. I suspect that most of us have seen one or two films that feature a particular view of school and of teachers. I would love to hear about some of the media representations of teaching that have affected your image of what life in the classroom is, or could be, all about? Was it Sidney Poitier's depiction of Mark Thackeray in the film "To Sir With Love". Perhaps it was Nick Nolte as Alex Jurel in the movie "Teachers". Did Michelle Pfeiffer as English teacher LouAnne Johnson in Dangerous Minds resonate with you? Movies, books and t.v. programs are rich with teaching imagery. Which characters have been most compelling to you? Stephen

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