The first years of practice can be a time of great hope and exhilaration -- and fatigue and anxiety. This group is designed to allow new teachers and veterans alike to connect and share that sense of community that is so important in the first years.

College Teacher Ed. Programs are Weak, New Study Finds Adjunct Instructor at Missouri State University

A new study has found that 75% of teacher-education programs at colleges in the United States do a poor job of preparing teachers for a career in the classroom. You can read an article about the study here:

Luckily, the Internet can fill in any gaps that universities may have missed! My favorite is which has tons of free resources and articles to help new teachers survive in the classroom! You can also find free stuff to help you here:

There is such a large number of resources available to help new teachers...resources that did not exist five years ago! Enjoy!

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