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New Teacher Chat 8/21/13 Archive for #ntchat

New Teacher Chat 8/21/13 Archive for #ntchat

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Hi all, Last night we had a great discussion! In case you missed it...here is our archive on #ntchat from last night's talk on Classroom Management! http://storify.com/teachingwthsoul/new-teacher-chat-ntchat-on-8-21-13 In addition to that...here are some curated resources for Classroom Management support. http://pinterest.com/teachingwthsoul/classroom-management/ Let us know if these are helpful to you. Cheers! -L

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Community Manager at Edutopia

I found it interesting how much commonality there was in the responses to your first question:

"What do you think are 3 key points that encompass a strong Classroom Management plan? Please share!"

People responded with some form of:
* Structure and consistency
* Clarity of expectations
* Mutual respect
* Positivity
* Engagement/rapport

I think my favorite quote is from @CherylTeaches. She tweeted:

"Imp't to remember: They won't care how much you know until they know how much you care. I see many of us feel this way. #ntchat"

Thanks for sharing, Lisa. It was a great chat.

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