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Career Change into Education - Help in Starting Over

Nadine Sebai


I'm in the process of transitioning from the business world to the education world. I am thinking of going back to school for a graduate education degree with a science centered background.

I am finding this very overwhelming and uninformative. For wannabee educators, it's important to choose a university that teaches its students about education for the modern day child utilizing methods that work.

But how do we know which universities have these processes in mind?

Any input would be greatly appreciated :)

Many thanks,

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Community Manager at Edutopia

"I'd look for a program in

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"I'd look for a program in which faculty members actually teach using the pedagogy they expect you to use."

I'd say the same about professional development opportunities too.

Becky, thank you for taking

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Becky, thank you for taking the time to respond. This is a wonderful forum... since I get to meet people like you that other wise I would not even know how to find. :)
I will definitely look at education pioneers! (for sure)
Well.. I have a mixed bag when it comes to my personal education, started off in NYC, then Dubai and now based out of Islamabad.
From my vantage point, I think I appreciate the global perspective on international education more than others.
However, It seemed to me like education was a 'closed-group' since I do not have research papers and have not studied child learning theories for years on end etc. etc.
(Fortunately, Edutopia has helped put that to rest)...
I want to breathe some fresh air and opportunity into online education - in my own limited way I guess. Here in PK there are many ladies that have masters + sitting at home, wasting away. While on the other hand, there are shortages of teachers in other parts of the world.
I really want to bridge this 'supply and demand' somehow.
I would love to meet other professionals that are bringing new ideas and helping create opportunities to the field of education.
p.s. I was really uplifted by your profile - multimedia story-telling would have such a value here, in eastern cultures of oral history (tribal) etc. (hope to learn more from a guru like you) :))

Clara, thank you for your

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Clara, thank you for your advice ( Nadine). I am presently pursuing a masters in Education Leadership in Dubai. Afterwards, I have planned for the teacher credential program in the states. Question? which states are the best for teachers? OR should I choose the best program, and THEN, choose the state where to gain experience. Ultimately I would like to get my PhD and then return to the middle-east.... (also I heard there is a shortage of teachers and that this 'journey' can be paid for by public funds in exchange for services to the school system... is this true?)

Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

Great point, Samer! I'm still

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Great point, Samer! I'm still amazed at how often administrators ask me to do a 45 minute power point presentation on experiential learning and PBL. I

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