The first years of practice can be a time of great hope and exhilaration -- and fatigue and anxiety. This group is designed to allow new teachers and veterans alike to connect and share that sense of community that is so important in the first years.

New Teacher Connecting and Mentoring (reposting)

Lisa Michelle Dabbs Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia

Do you have an interest in connecting to a virtual or face to face mentor? Maybe you have a mentor at school, but would enjoy another supportive shoulder?
I've started a group at the Educators PLN

Join us by creating an account at the Educators PLN!
(Or just check out the googledoc for peeps!)

Then join The Teacher Mentoring Project Group.

This groups purpose:To collaborate and find best practices and to mentor and support teachers in K-12 and higher education institutes of learning worldwide for online and offline learning.
You can fill out the google doc on the group page and start to connect with a mentor right away! Feel free to email them, they are all prepared to be contacted or connect with them right on the EduPLN.

From there we will begin to plan connecting each other through monthly/quarterly seminars,some supported by,blogging and #ntchat

I look forward to seeing this project grow!Let me know what you think...I'd love to hear from you. :)


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