The first years of practice can be a time of great hope and exhilaration -- and fatigue and anxiety. This group is designed to allow new teachers and veterans alike to connect and share that sense of community that is so important in the first years.

Submissions for a New Book

Joseph Jones I am a college professor at Radford University.

Hi Everyone,
I am constructing an edited book (tentative title: Under the Bleachers: Teachers’ Reflections of What They Didn’t Learn In College). The book will be a collection of “essay” type writings that discuss some of the important issues that teachers did not learn in their college preparation programs. It is important to note that the book is not a decree against teacher preparation curriculum, but rather, it is meant as another source to aid “new” teachers in addressing the challenges that they may face in their own classrooms and schools. Thus, the main audience for the text is “pre-service” or “new teachers.” The topics are “open-ended.” If you would like to know more information, please email me ( Submissions should be submitted by May 1, 2011. Please feel free to forward this information.


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