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First steps

First steps

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HI there! I am Verónica from Uruguay, South America and I am so glad to have the opportunity to join this learning & sharing gem. I am very excited because today I could join my first #ntchat at twitter. YEAH!!! I have been playing with technology for the past year and I can´t stop. There are so many amazing tools and people around the world that it is 100% addictive. I must confess that it gets pretty overwhelming at times when you do not have a clue where to start from or whatto do next. I have been reading and browsing many great resources blogs, wikis, nings, posts, explored hundreds(if not thousands ) tools and now I have the feeling that I am kind of lost. What to do next? Should I start blogging, create a wiki??? A couple of days ago I came across this twitter post about The Teacher Mentoring Project ( http://www.edupln.com/group/theteachermentoringproject ) and did no hesitate to contact one of the mentors I was already following. Hope she helps me in my next steps. I am really looking forward to become a better tech teacher providing my students with authentic learning opportunities.

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Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia

Hi Veronica!

I think the best question to ask your self is what's your vision for what you want to happen in your teaching and with your students.
Once you have a vision...break it down into small steps: What, When, How are you going to go after seeking, reaching, living your vision everyday. Is starting a blog the best or is creating a wiki for your students/class, more important?

Small steps are the best, I think, so then we don't get overwhelmed.
For example...you took a few steps yesterday by joining new teacher chat, connecting with The EduPln, and you joined here!

Now...how do those steps connect with your vision? It's a "backwards map" if you will. Vision<~~~~steps...

Keep in touch!

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