The first years of practice can be a time of great hope and exhilaration -- and fatigue and anxiety. This group is designed to allow new teachers and veterans alike to connect and share that sense of community that is so important in the first years.

New Teachers: What's your personal theme song?

Lisa Michelle Dabbs Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia

I’m part of a wonderful movement called The 30 Goals with a good friend of mine Shelly Terrell.

You can read more about The 30 Goals here: I plan to dedicate more time to blogging about The 30 Goals upcoming in January 2011. I hope you'll think about joining me in this movement!

For now, I want to share Goal 8, in The 30 Goals, which is What’s your personal theme song? Starting today, I will be posting a 30 Goals Song of the Week every Thursday or Friday on my blog:

Check it out weekly to listen to some wonderful pieces, that will inspire you!

See you soon!

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