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Help with Interview Questions

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Alright everyone, so yesterday I interviewed for a full-time, contracted position for a third grade class. I felt the interview went very well, I was confident with my answers, and more importantly, felt like this was finally going to be my chance at a full-time position because the principal I interviewed with used to be my asst. principal when I did my student teaching.

I was told that the next step in the process would be scheduling demonstration lessons which would take place next week. I received a phone call a little while ago, from the principal, who explained to me that although I interviewed just as well as the other 2 candidates that were chosen for demo. lessons, it was "the end of the road" for me. He provided that my area I could improve would be answering content related questions, but that was all that was said.

I was asked about how my instruction would look for a reading block, a writing lesson, and a math lesson, and how I would assess students in each subject.

What could a principal be looking for in terms of answering these questions?? Any suggestions? I'm at the end of my "hope" rope, and would love to just give up right now, after being highly disappointed over not getting this job. I need help!

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Help with Interview Questions

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Hi...just sent out a request on Twitter to support you with some responses. Hope to hear from some peeps soon...

In the meantime...don't give up! Stay hopeful!

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