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Need help thinking of an activity

Brittany Lee

I'm doing a presentation over speech/language impairment, and I need an activity to show how it feels or is to have a speech/language impairment. I can't come up with anything to save my life. My partner says we should have someone wear medical masks and have that person mouth what they are trying to say without sound (this shows how non verbal students understand but cant communicate to you what they mean) or have someone else repeat the same thing over and over again (this is how a student who stutters or repeats has trouble getting it out). Would those work?

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If you haven't yet...I would start by goggling your topic, as I just did, then see what kinds of other ideas are out there.
Here's a website I found

The mask idea seems ok, but think you could do better. :)

Good luck!

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What a great site that has

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What a great site that has lots of good links and information! I was looking for the exact same thing, an activity to present to my college classmates in a special education class. I ended up using the sign language data base to teach common words, such as please and thank you, and the alphabet. Thanks Lisa!

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