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Ms. Burns Special Education Teacher

Help! Although both my cooperating teachers supervising me for student teaching gave me wonderful evaluations which impressed my university supervisor, neither of them will write me a letter of recommendation. Both state only that they don't do those kinds of things. My university supervisor isn't being very supportive with this situation saying just ask again and they will comply. This has not happened. Any suggestions?

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Professional References

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With out more info from you it's hard to say why they won't agree...But let's see. Hmmm... my first thought is write the letter your self and have them revise it. This may make them more apt to agree to support you. As am admin, my teachers frequently did that for me, and it facilitated the process.
Now the other tricky issue could be that they aren't yet as confident about your abilities, to be willing to put their names on a letter. Is it possible for you to ask later? Is this your last time with them? Might they feel more apt to support you if they have had more time to observe your growth? is the administrator of the school willing to do a letter? Has he/she had time to observe you to be confident enough to do this?
Would love to know a bit more info...
Talk soon.

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