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speech/language impairment

Brittany Lee

I'm doing a presentation over speech/language impairment, and I need an activity to show how it feels or is to have a speech/language impairment. I can't come up with anything to save my life. My partner says we should have someone wear medical masks and have that person mouth what they are trying to say without sound (this shows how non verbal students understand but cant communicate to you what they mean) or have someone else repeat the same thing over and over again (this is how a student who stutters or repeats has trouble getting it out). Would those work?

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7th and 8th grade math teacher

Did you do your presentation

Was this helpful?

Did you do your presentation yet? Those sound like good ideas! I really like the medical mask idea- how frustrating it must be for nonverbal students!
If you did it already how did it go?

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