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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Ideas for New Teachers

Lisa Michelle Dabbs Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia

Hi All!

In my work with new teachers, it's so important to me to provide them with practical, supportive ideas that they can quickly apply to their work with students. As the Thanksgiving Holiday is fast approaching,want to share some ideas for Thanksgiving Themed lessons...
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Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

More Thanksgiving-Inspired Lesson Plans & Activities

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Here were some useful resources I came across that had many, many Thanksgiving lesson plans and activities:

:: - This lists over 50 different activities and sorts by subject.

:: - Includes over 35 Thanksgiving lesson ideas.

:: - Has over 50+ teacher submitted Thanksgiving lessons and activities.

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Thanksgiving Primary Source lesson (for iPad)

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I've set up a series of links and instructions for using primary sources with a Thanksgiving theme on an iPad as part of a workshop for teachers:

Library Media Specialist for rural schools in Montana

This week I used the

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This week I used the interactive at Plimoth Plantation ( which helps to debunk some myths about the first Thanksgiving as well as providing context to the event. Another good site is from the Library of Congress ( which gives an interatctive timeline of all notable Thanksgivings (not just American ones) from 1541-2001.

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Black Friday Financial Literacy Lesson

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If you teach High School and would like to take advantage of teaching comparison shopping and smart credit card use, I just developed a free lesson for our TCI Blog. The lesson challenges students to work in groups of four where they pretend to be a consumer advocacy agency. After researching and producing resources, the students participate in a "news conference" where they share their findings and research with their peers. You can download and try out this hands-on lesson at:

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Critical Thinking around the First Thanksgiving

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Just discovered this article from @NYTimesLearning on Twitter:

What Really Happened? Comparing Stories of the First Thanksgiving

Seems like a great opportunity to teach some critical thinking skills and perhaps even a bit of media literacy!

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I love these Thanksgiving

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I love these Thanksgiving Music Class Pinboard:

Also, there are a few great song ideas here: - I like the idea of teaching Simple Gifts around Thanksgiving time

Just some fun resources from the music teacher!

Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

I pulled some things together

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I pulled some things together over on a Pinterest board-

Some of the same things already here, some crafty stuff for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing (not me, but you know who you are!) and some resources for teaching other perspectives on Thanksgiving if you so wish. I"ll keep updating it as I find more materials!

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