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Meaningful Halloween activities

Meaningful Halloween activities

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Hello! I am currently student teaching. I have been head teaching for the entire day, under direct supervision, for the past couple of weeks. Next week, I begin head teaching without supervision. This also happens to coincide with Halloween. I was wondering if some people had some ideas on where to find meaningful Halloween-themed activities to incorporate with our curriculum. I tend to be very student-centered in my instruction and while I do plan out our day, I feel it is important to have students guide their day. For example, if we are trying to do math, and we just can't stop talking about what our costumes are gonna be on Sunday, I might scrap our lesson on making change (because we can go back to that moment) and spend the rest of time having the kids work on making a graph of what costumes people are planning to wear. Or something. Anyway, right now, I'm planning a bunch of cutesy, crafty-type activities just in case inspiration doesn't come--and also because I am planning to use these Halloween-themed activities in literacy centers (so they need to be easy enough that kids can do them in partnerships/independently but also both engaging and challenging). Your suggestions would be most appreciated!

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Cindy Riedl's picture

I, too, am a new second grade teacher. Our main focus is reading and math, so I slip things in where I can. A couple of weeks ago we made pasta skeletons.http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/halloween/pastaskeleton/
Last week we read "Stellaluna" and talked about bats. Children read a bat poem (there are countless bat poems online), realistically colored a bat picture, and predicted where bats go during the day. We "researched" the answer online. There is an adorable skeleton song at the link below. (The site is actually British but they've got some great stuff...even if they do spell things funny! :)) My kids LOVE it and I use it as a reward...meaning when they need a break I tell them how responsible they've been and it's time for a little fun. Then I say, "But what's the rule??" And they say, "If we want to have fun we have to know when to quit." And I say, "I'll be looking for the first students to be in their seats in the ready position when the song is over." (I'm a new teacher but a very old mother!)

Keri Muller's picture

They could write poetry about Halloween---teach them a simple poem with structure (like a haiku) and then have them write one about Halloween

You could have them use candy corn glued to paper to create picture graphs about a poll they complete (for math).

They could write sentences about halloween and use different symbols (underline, circle, box ) around the different parts of speech (underline the noun, box the verbs, circle the adjectives).

They could learn about usign qoutation marks by creating a picture of some sort of Halloween character, and then below, they could write a sentences about what their characters say- The spooky ghost said, "I plan to scare lots of kids on Halloween." or The pumpkin asked, "Are you going to eat some candy?" Kids could work in pairs to create dialogue their characters woudl say to each other (or alone).

Just some ideas i wish i would've used! I taught 2nd grade for 4 years and not sure i ever used any of those, but now we both have some!

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