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What Should I do?

Ms. Doris White Future Second Grade Teacher in the Fall from Houston, Texas

Today: Nice and Hot
Color: Orange
Season: Summer
Song that I am singing: Im feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!- dont know the artist?...sorry

My Question:
~~~~ On the first day of school in my first class, what are the do's and dont's? Should I come with cookies and candy? Or should I just watch them and to see there motivates? I do want to have fun but I do not want to fear the children or have them to fear me? ~~~~

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You should read Harry and

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You should read Harry and Rosemary Wong's "The First Days of School".

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What should I do?

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Hi Doris!
Great question. I agree with Dave that the Wong's will be great mentors for you. Need to read it before you start planning. Will give you a marvelous template as to how to prepare and be ready for those first First Days.
I don't advocate for cookies or goodies. Your warm smile and a handshake is all they will need from you on that day to make them feel welcome.
Might want to chart with them what THEY are hoping to learn from you/each other this year. Keep it up all year. See how you are doing as the year progresses.
Establish your class rules/guidelines in that first day...don't postpone that.
OK...I think you've got enough stuff now to contemplate...don't want to overwhelm.

Keep us posted on your progress.
Make sure you have at least 2 weeks of activities planned to start.

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My first year of regular

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My first year of regular classroom teaching will be this fall. I have subbed and been a paraprofessional for years, so gained experience that way. I read Wong's book, and it's a great help. Right now I'm working on my classroom rules, preparing my classroom, gathering materials, and going over the curriculum. I plan on going into my classroom of middle school students with a smile and eagar for the school year to begin, because I think when you start off the year unsure the students can tell.

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