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Where to start?

Where to start?

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I was just hired as a kindergarten teacher for a private school. I am very excited but am not exactly sure what I should be "doing" right now. My classroom doesn't exsist yet (it is currently being built) and probably won't exsist until a week or two before school starts. I don't have a class list or anything so I can't start labeling or anything either. So, where do you all think I should start? I'd hate to be doing nothing right now and experience additional stress in August. What are you all working on this summer?

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Teri Hardman's picture

Congratulations! I'm still looking. Had some ideas for you: Is there anyone who can teach you whatever software they use at the school, e.g. some schools use grade speed. If your parents/guardians tend to use the internet you could set up a classroom website, I created a simple one using a Blogger template, then you could also upload newsletters to it during the year, homework, classroom rules, etc.

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