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Professional Teaching Journals for New Teachers?

Professional Teaching Journals for New Teachers?

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Came across this question from a new teacher on Twitter and thought I'd pose it to this group: "What professional teaching journals would you recommend new teachers get?" If you have any suggestions, please share them below. Thanks!

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Steve J. Moore's picture
Steve J. Moore
I'm a writing teacher in Kansas City

Here was my response on Twitter

During my 1st year I joined: @ASCD @PDKintl @MSTA @Edutopia @NCTE (I may be missing a few) Cost me a few bucks, but worth it.

Steve J. Moore's picture
Steve J. Moore
I'm a writing teacher in Kansas City

I suppose I should enter the full names of those organizations since they don't appear as Twitter links, ha :)

www.ascd.org Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
www.pdkintl.org Phi Delta Kappa
Missouri State Teachers Association (my state teaching agency)
National Council of Teachers of English (pick the one closest to your area)
and Edutopia of course :)

Jessica's picture
School Library Media Specialist for a K-4 Public School

thanks for your links!

Terri Schoone's picture
Terri Schoone
Associate Professor

What is your certification or area of interest? Join the professional organization for your area. I'm biased but I think a free subscription to techLearning (http://techlearning.com/Subscribe) should be on your list. If you are a facebook fan, find some good organizations to "like." I really enjoy Edutopia and PBS for Teachers.

Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Educational Consultant. Author. Speaker. Blogger.

Saw so many great responses on Face Book to this question as well as a few here. I'm not sure that I would even qualify these as "journals", but as we are moving to stay in 21st century learning I want to add these great books and websites:

Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement-by ROBERT J. MARZANO, DEBRA J. PICKERING, JANE E. POLLOCK

The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction-by ROBERT J. MARZANO

Harry Wongs website~>http://www.effectiveteaching.com/cart.php

Amazing website!~>http://www.readwritethink.org/

Another great resource~>http://www.newteachercenter.org/index.php AND

Lastly Shelly Terrell's You Tube site with great easy to follow insturctions on how to support edtech for all teachers~>http://www.youtube.com/user/shellterrell#p/p/9BE3429DA0666ABA/0/lk_angywZ5Q

I think we have some great resources to get started with here!

Thanks for posting the question. :)
~Lisa D

Debi Duke's picture

...Rethinking Schools (www.RethinkingSchools.org), a quarterly edited and published by teachers, can't be beat. Over 20+ years they've created a national (and sometimes international) community of innovative teachers (plus some parents and other school people) who care about building just schools and a just society.

Robin Stirling-Kottabi's picture

In the area of early childhood education it is YC Young Children magazine and Childcare Exchange. Scholarly articles, practical ideas, real teacher input and you can get them online too :)

Karen's picture
7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

I will echo the recommendation to join Phi Delta Kappa and read their monthly journal, The Kappan, as well as there valuable online resources available to members. Right now they are running a free 60 day trial membership. You'll get 2 copies of the Kappan and 1 copy of an online publication called the EDge. Some locations have a local chapter of teachers that meet and discuss educational issues. There are also webinars that you are invited to be a part of. I teach English Language Arts and find my local state chapter of NCTE valuable, perhaps your state has one too. Mine is The Ohio Council of Teachers of English (OCTELA). Also, see if you are close to a chapter of the National Writing Project. They offer terrific courses that inform your own writing and teaching of writing.


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