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From Teacher as Boss to Collaborator

From Teacher as Boss to Collaborator

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Hi All, On #TeacherTuesday as it's known on Twitter, I'm posting a video that I found on The Educators PLN. Consider joining this Ning which will bring you some amazing additional resources to the one's you find here on Edutopia. Here is the video. Take 12 min and watch it. See how you can begin to use it to transform your new teaching. Cheers! ~Lisa

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Celine Mazoyer's picture
Celine Mazoyer
French teacher


I agree with many things said in that video. The teacher's role has changed a lot. We are not the resource people at the center of the class as it used to be. Knowledge is available everywhere in ways that are, most of the time, so much more interesting than they are presented in a classroom setting.

As a teacher, I see myself more as a person in charge of making this knowledge accessible to my students. This implies teaching skills that are very different from what is available in the textbooks as well as a way of teaching I haven't been taught while getting ready to become a teacher.

I like to see my students active and in charge of their learning because I am convinced they learn so much more if "I am not in the way" between knowledge and them.
The idea of becoming a collaborator makes sense but it seems to me it will take a lot of practice and time to figure out how to make this work.

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