The first years of practice can be a time of great hope and exhilaration -- and fatigue and anxiety. This group is designed to allow new teachers and veterans alike to connect and share that sense of community that is so important in the first years.

Back to School Classroom Management Tip

David Ginsburg Instructional Coach, Leadership Coach, Math Specialist

Hey new teachers! My latest blog post on Ed Week is dedicated to you. It includes a video that shows the power of procedures to create a positive, productive classroom. Check it out, and best wishes for a smooth start! New Year's Resolution: Classroom Procedures, Not Rules

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Hi, Thanks a lot for this

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Thanks a lot for this interesting post. Its really nice to read that you have given such wonderful tips of how to create a positive and productive classroom.Its very important that a teacher should provide useful information to the students. Hence i am sure many teachers will be benefited from your post.
Thanks for sharing it.

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