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looking for work and filling out job applications

looking for work and filling out job applications

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I have started filling out job applications, writing letters of application, resume, personal statement... and I am sure it is a busy time for all of us looking for a job. I have used one web site that has helped me to build my documents : http://resumes-for-teachers.com/ But still it is hard for a new teacher to know what to put in those documents in order to make it a successful application. How, as a newly qualified teacher, can I work on my applications so that my resume is not taken out from the list because of my lack of experience? What are the challenges you face when looking for a job or filling out applications?

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Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia
Blogger 2014
Facilitator 2014

[quote]Hi Lisa,

I've been a substitute teacher for the past 2 years and would really like to find a teaching position for the upcoming year. I have 3 years experience as a full time teacher and I'm finally understanding classroom managment (wish this were the case a year ago). Nobody seems to be looking for a teaching with some years of experience! Can you please help?



Welcome!Thanks for joining the New Teacher Connections group. You present some good questions that I think a lot of new teachers have. It's quite competitive right now. Your location,major,recommendations and network are going to be key in applying for a position. Does your University offer placement support? If so, have you tried that option? Do you have letters from your professors, teachers and the principal's who you've subbed for?
Are you willing to relocate to get that dream job? As I recommended to Celine...have your created a visual CV?http://www.visualcv.com/ Joined LinkedIN? http://www.linkedin.com/These are good tools to get your job search going and to network with potential HR recruiters and districts.
If you're in CA Edjoin is the premier site for educational positions. http://edjoin.org/index.aspx Indeed also has some great leads.

These are just a few ideas and recommendations to start.

Other ideas from the group would be most appreciated!

Let me know what you think, Joe.


Celine Mazoyer's picture
Celine Mazoyer
French teacher

Hello Lisa,
Thank you for all these valuable tips.
I was not able to find your Visual CV, I am not sure how to research it.
Here is my e-mail address for the letters : celine.mazoyer@hotmail.com
Could you please also give me the link to you VisualCV?
Thank you so much,

Ryan Reed's picture
Ryan Reed
7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Maine

After graduating last May, I found the job market to be pretty sparse also. Apparently everyone in Maine wants to be a Social Studies teacher! After accepting a support staff position this year, I'm hoping the added experience will at least get me a few more interviews. I hadn't heard much about the two sites suggested, but I went ahead and created entries (because it certainly can't hurt my chances!). Let me know what you think.

Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia
Blogger 2014
Facilitator 2014

Good start to your visualcv and linkedin accts!
Some suggestions:be more specific in your "objective" on your cv, add some of the presos you've done to the side bar.
Here is a sample of mine http://www.visualcv.com/lmdabbs
You really want your cv to "pop" as you prepare to send it. Remember your are potentially competing with tons of other teachers.
On your linkedin start to network by finding people you know and get them to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. This can be very helpful. Make sure both of these are "public" so people can see and find you.
I applaud your efforts so far!
Let me know how it goes...

Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Edu Consultant. Blogger & Social Media Marketing at Edutopia
Blogger 2014
Facilitator 2014

Here is a sample of my visual cv http://www.visualcv.com/lmdabbs

I will email you some of the resume's I have from teachers and myself
by tomorrow, Friday 4/9/10.

Stay in touch...
Hope all is well!


Louise Valenciana-Ruiz's picture
Louise Valenciana-Ruiz
Educational Consultant/Former School & District Administrator

I am a former public school administrator and just want to let you know that you have a great attitude for seeking a full time teaching position right now. So many credentialed teachers are out of work right now. Many former school administrators are out of work too!

Keep yourself to all openings at all times. Don't forget that school districts are not the only organizations seeking teachers right now. I'd like to suggest that you open your search to Charter Schools, private and/or religious schools and charter schools who coordinate home school teaching. Home schooling parents work with credentialed teachers through charters and many times charters can't find qualified teachers for those positions.

Good luck and don't give up! We still need good teachers to work with students and their parents.


Ryan Reed's picture
Ryan Reed
7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Maine

For me the hardest part of this whole process has to be putting in all the time, effort, and money into applying for a position just to find out it was already spoken for, by some internal candidate, and so all the effort was for not. When I get down I just keep telling myself that job applications are like lottery tickets: you can't win if you don't play.

Cheska Lorena's picture
Cheska Lorena
Science Teacher from the Capital District Region, New York

I'm late to the party, but I'd like to add in a few things to the thread. Cecilia and Ryan, I'm not sure what your status is currently, but I can definitely relate in regards to the tough job market. I graduated last May with a BSeD, relocated to NY to be closer to my SO, and went FT w/ my masters. While looking for jobs, I took advantage of the extra time by filing for as many certifications and extensions my teaching background qualified for (Dual science licenses are big in NY). In less than 12 months since I moved, I received my reciprocal license, and will be completing up to 4 license extensions and additional certification in instructional technology by August 2010. If you have the time (and money), I definitely suggest getting in as many credentials as you can.

Through the great resources shared by Twitter friends, I've also learned how to get creative with the various web 2.0 tools and materials I accumulated through undergrad and grad school. For example, I created a 30-sec teacher commercial which I embedded in a digital wiki-portfolio (http://cmlorena.wikispaces.com/Resume), and linked the wiki to my LinkedIN account (http://www.linkedin.com/in/cheskalorena). It might help to take advantage of all the free tools and resources and "step outside the box" with your resumes.

One last thing, developing a strong presence online can also be a great way to have more admins take notice of you. Start a blog, or share many of your own resources (ie. lesson plans, links, etc) with other Twitters. The job search can be very disheartening (heck, sometimes I wonder why I even do all these things when I have yet to receive a call-back) but you must play, and the more cards you have, the better, right? :)

Celine Mazoyer's picture
Celine Mazoyer
French teacher

Hi Cheska,

I really enjoyed watching your video!
I am very much impressed with what you have done and are doing for your career!
It reminds me how much I still have to accomplish and learn to become a better educator!
I'll continue to work towards that goal throughout the summer...while looking for my next job!
Thank you for sharing these great ideas.

Karen Reinecker-White's picture

Although I have been working for several years in the private sector, I have just completed my student teaching and TPA requirements for my dual credential MS and Mild/Moderate, and I am waiting on my credential. I hope to secure a job teaching in special education. I have been using Edjoin and complete the application process to the best of my ability (again, without my credential 'in hand'). I do not feel my Letter of Introduction is strong enough to "get me the interview." At least, at this point I have not been getting any call backs. I do indicate that I have been substitute teaching for the past two years, but I do not include any of my previous private sector job experience as it is of limited relevance. I noticed that you have been a school Principal and in administration - what do the personnel staffers look for in a Letter of Introduction? How can I make mine stand out and get noticed?

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