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Student Motivation

Student Motivation

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I work in a school that has a very low-income population. Many of my students' parents are too busy working to provide for their children to be involved in their child's education. Other parents did not graduate from high school, or even middle school, and do not place a lot of value in education. Many of my students are a year or two (or more) behind in school and are falling further and further behind every day because they lack motivation and a good work ethic. Does anyone have any good strategies or tips to help me motivate my students and help them realize how important education is to their future?

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David St. Germain's picture

May I suggest a Service-Learning Project. My sixth grade teachers and I developed a project last spring. The students raised food and money for a local food pantry. Seeing how they could help fill a need within their own community helped motivate the students.

Ricardo's picture

The idea of involving the students in their own community is excellent. As you have pointed out, not only is it beneficial to the community but it motivates the students. It also teaches them a valuable lesson which they can utilize in the real world. I am going to use this idea in my own school while changing it a bit to address the problem that my school faces with lack of technology. I will ask the administration, teachers, and students to hatch out a plan to involve the business community. The focus will be including the students in as much of this process as possible.

akteachertobe's picture
student teacher in Alaska

I like the community involvement idea but I'm not finding it particularly applicable with my Oceanography students. They are Juniors and Seniors and lack motivation. Any ideas?????

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