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"Choose your Adventure" stories with Tech

Kevin Hodgson

I'm wondering if any of you have advice for ways to use technology to create "Choose Your Adventure" stories (where story arcs branch off in different directions depending on the interest of the reader). I know Gail has show me a wiki (what was that site?) but I was also wondering about other platforms.
In particular, I was thinking of Prezi and the way it is built like a canvas. Do you think it is possible that Prezi could be a way to go about it? (I've done something similar -- a poetry linked book -- with Powerpoint but it was clunky).

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Technology integration specialist for the Elk Grove USD (south Sacramento)

Hi Kevin, I bet the "choose

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Hi Kevin,

I bet the "choose your own adventure" site you refer to is the Terry the Tennis Ball wiki - one of the many great links inTroy's book.

I'm just starting to explore Prezi and am looking for innovative uses - such as the way you've used it for poetry.

Choose your own adventure videos!

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I came across this set of videos on YouTube and thought they were fantastic!
The Time Machine

I am also fortunate enough to work with some folks that are taking the "Choose your own adventure" idea to a whole new level.
Here is a post about that.

Middle school ELL teacher from Oregon

Google Forms

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Prezi would work, but another way might be to use Google Forms (Google Docs). For multiple choice questions, you can choose "Go to page based on answer". (I've used this to send students back to the question when they make an incorrect choice. You can see an example of this on one of my blogs before the comment box here: Devious Devin Quiz

8th grade Language Arts teacher NC

great ideas!

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great ideas!

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