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Video of teacher training workshop with iPod Touch 4G

Video of teacher training workshop with iPod Touch 4G

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Several months back I posted about the exciting new opportunities for teachers using the iPod Touch 4G and Tabletop Moviemaking to bring moviemaking inside the class, and actually on a table! Well now I am really excited to be able to share my first in school professional development workshop with a group of 20 educators at James Monroe High school in North Hills, CA. I worked with a teachers across subjects that were in Small Learning Communities (SLCs) The goal of the SLCs are to promote project based learning with cross curricular integration. Tabletop Moviemaking and media rich authoring are ideally suited as tools that can be used to help facilitate the mission of SLCs. My objective in the workshops is to: Provide an excellent introduction to the method and contextualize Tabletop Moviemaking as language arts tool Expose them to the entire production process from start to finish so teachers experience the same workflow their students will go through. Reflect on how the method and tools can be integrated specifically into their own classrooms. The following video provides an excellent introduction to what the workshops look like and what teachers do.

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Brick Maier's picture

The tabletop movies that are made during the first introduction to method tend to be fun and silly. I think its great, and teachers have fun.

In the James Monroe PD, after they finished with the silly example, they began brainstorming a History unit that integrates Language Arts and technology. The central question of the unit for student's to investigate was: "What patterns do you see throughout history surrounding war/conflict?" From this macro question, students will begin the process of investigating conflicts and searching for patterns.

The three teachers collaborating on this unit created a short Tabletop Movie to demonstrate the concept. They chose the setting of a recruiting office and used a split screen to show both US and other countries. They took a simple concept and used repetition to communicate their message. There was no dialogue only the use of a song in the background.


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