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High School Around the World

High School Around the World

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Hello Educators, I posted this in the lounge as well, but am particularly interested in the questions that this group would generate. We are planning a year long trip to 12 countries to research the high school experience for students, teachers and families. Our goal is to produce 12 short documentary segments that relate the scope and breadth of various approaches to high school the world over. If you were watching such a program that tells the story of high school in various cultures, what would you consider to be the most pertinent questions? As educators, what do you want to know about high school in other cultures? I deeply appreciate any responses that you may offer. Adam

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brahim elouafi's picture
brahim elouafi
teacher of English at a high school Morocco

hi sir
i'm ready to collaborate and let you know about the moroccan high school

nili frank's picture
nili frank
English teacher from Israel

I am one of the teachers in a special plan called (roughly translated)The Individual road to success. Its in a town called Ramat Hasharon in Israel. Is Israel among the countries you will visit? If you do we will gladly host you

Teresa Blanton's picture

Questions I have are: At what age do students enter and leave high school? Is attendance mandatory? What instructional styles are most common: Are projects a major component of instruction or rote learning? How do they deal with discipline? How do they assess that learning took place?
Just to name a few...

Reginald Bassey's picture
Reginald Bassey
Team Member at Nigerian Eduvideo Project

Used to be a teacher in Nigeria. Now I am basically interested in helping High School Students in Nigeria have more access to learning aids through technology.

I would really love to see how High Schools in other culture bridge the technology divide, how they are introduced to a new highway of information and how that has impacted on their learning. Second, how does the quality of learning affect the dreams and aspirations of the student. Thanks and great job!!!

Ed Gragert's picture

Hello Adam,

Sounds like a great project and experience. iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) can definitely help. We have organizations in 130+ countries with about 40,000 member teachers in K-12 schools. If you give us the countries, we can connect you with the iEARN Coordinators in each country to visit schools who are using technology to enhance teaching and learning through online collaborative project-based learning.


Norma Patricia Bustos's picture
Norma Patricia Bustos
Ecuadorian, mother of a 2 year old in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Maybe you have alredy picked the 12 schools but if you want to see an Ecuadorian school I would love to help you organize a visit.

Maureen's picture
Parent of 1 middle and 1 high school student

Have eldest in a selective enrollment high school in Chicago. I think the curriculum and teaching interesting and innovative.

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