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iPod Touch 4G and media rich authoring

iPod Touch 4G and media rich authoring

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I am finalizing details here in Los Angeles to deliver an professional development workshop using Tabletop Moviemaking and the new iPod Touch 4G. How does the new iPod Touch 4G change things? It is a portable authoring device, where as all previous iterations have been media consumption devices. This new version has TWO video cameras, one which captures 720 HD video with audio. For 4.99 you can purchase iMovie for the iPod touch. There is also a 99c Stop Motion animation app with onion skinning and auto picture timers. This is really the lynch pin that changes the whole workflow. A computer is no longer needed to edit! Gone are the days of scheduling lab or mobile cart time, worrying about how to store and transfer projects, and navigating firewall/software limitations on district standardized computers. Plus the device has WIFI so finished movies can be shared over the internet. It is the whole production process in the palm of your hand. So it was a natural pairing to use this device with Tabletop Moviemaking which is a method that shrinks the process to fit on a table using paper characters and backgrounds. I am really excited to test out this innovative combination of a breakthrough device with a novel and intuitive approach to deliver digital story telling. I am currently building a custom mounted iPod/tripod mount. My only complaint about the device is that it is slippery and hard to hold. I think it would be dropped a lot in a classroom environment, so I am building a foam (drop resistant) case that can mount onto a standard tripod. Earlier prototypes look and work great. I'll be sure to post my reflections on the workshop with iPod Touch/Tabletop moviemaking. In other news I have changed all the pricing around for Tabletop Moviemaking materials. I have heard good things from my friends in education. You can check it out here if you are interested in learning more. Cheers Brick

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