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Voices on the Gulf - Reading, Writing, Teaching about the BP Oil Spill

Gail Desler Technology integration specialist for the Elk Grove USD (south Sacramento)

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been participating in some amazing venues for connecting students in project-based explorations of the BP oil spill. The combination of Suzie Boss’s PBL Camp (right here in Edutopia) and Paul Allison’s Voices on the Gulf site (via the Teachers Teaching Teachers community and the National Writing Project) has me pretty excited about starting the new school year.

I've posted lots of resources for reading, writing, and teaching about the oil spill at I wouldlove to learn what ideas and resources you might be using with your students.

I also warmly invite you and your students to join the K-12 discussions that will be taking place in the Voices on the Gulf project.

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