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Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time?

Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time?

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OK, so here's a thread with very little purpose other than to share some titles of movies that make us smile or think about our own profession. Have a second? Then drop us a comment on your favorite teacher movie of all time! I can't wait to hear what you have to say. -Heather WG

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Heather Wolpert-Gawron's picture
Blogger 2014

Isn't this what we always tell our students about their own narrative essays? It's all about characters and who they relate. Whether it's a sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, or young adult story, it's all about characters.

Thanks again for posting, Erika! I'm off to check out your other posts.

-Heather WG

JM's picture
Middle School Math

"The new teacher at a severely administered boys' boarding school works to positively effect the students' lives through music." IMDb

This is a wonderful movie - I watched it 3 times in one day!(And more times after that.) It's in French with English subtitles but you get so involved in the movie you don't even notice. The music is divine, too.

JM's picture
Middle School Math

You are going to love it! Just thinking about it makes me want to rent it again!
You'll have to let me know how you like it.

Umbrella's picture

C'mon folks!

Goodbye Mr. Chips.... (1932?)

It still rings true...


Umbrella's picture

Aw c'mon!

No Goodbye Mr. Chips??

I think the 1932? black and white version was best

Heather Wolpert-Gawron's picture
Blogger 2014

Duh! So true! I think about that movie every time I hear about a past-student who has joined the military or a current one who wants to. The war background of that film puts such a perfect timeline on the teacher's life. And don't you just love her too?

1939: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0031385/

Thanks for reminding us!

-Heather WG

Mark Salo's picture
Mark Salo
Middle School Counselor/teacher

Dead Poet Society did it for me. Of course, Robin Williams pretty much walks on water. What about his movie Patch? Not really a teacher movie so much as a student(Doctor)movie, but the student was the wise one.

Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

This is a great blog post by Larry Ferlazzo, which lists:

:: The 15 most inspiring teachers in films.

:: The 15 worst teachers in the movies.

:: 9 Inspirational Movie Teachers.

:: Top 5 Best Teachers in the Movies.

:: 10 A+ Worthy Movie and TV Teachers

:: 10 Best Movie & Television Teachers

And much. much more!

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