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Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time?

Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time?

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OK, so here's a thread with very little purpose other than to share some titles of movies that make us smile or think about our own profession. Have a second? Then drop us a comment on your favorite teacher movie of all time! I can't wait to hear what you have to say. -Heather WG

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Chris Gonzalez's picture

For those of you who chose Stand & Deliver as your favorite movie or feel that Jaime Escalante inspired you as an educator, you may be interested in knowing/learnign the following:
Jaime Escalante unfortunately has stage 4 bladder cancer and has maybe two months to live. Here are two short news segments by local TV stations:

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ80Fa7hoao and

- http://www.nbclosangeles.com/station/as-seen-on/Jaime_Escalante_Turned_L...

He deserves to have comfort and dignity in his last days, so again, if you can, please send a donation to:

"Friends of Jaime"
236 West Mountain Street
Suite 105
Pasadena, CA 91103

Those who wish to make a contribution by credit card can call (626) 793-5300 or download a donation form at: www.edwardjamesolmos.com/PDF/JAIME-ESCALANTE-DONATION.pdf. There's also a fundraiser in LA this weekend, hosted by Edward James Olmos, the actor who played Escalante in Stand and Deliver.
My sincere apologies for seeming preach-y, this seemed to be an appopriate conversation strand to share an opportunity to help someone who has dedicated his life to helping students (and indirectly inspiring many educators).

Jleppard's picture

The History Boys. A big worry but characters seem real in a non-Hollywood way

Teri Gallegos-Reynolds's picture

To Sir with Love - favorite teacher movie of all time, especially since the inspirational person is such an outstanding individual. This movie inspired me to become a teacher, and a heart-warming rendition of Lulu's theme song was beautifully done by a peer at our graduation in 1974.


Heather Wolpert-Gawron's picture

Ditto. This movie, much like Remember the Titans, is benign enough to show middle schoolers and even upper elementary, but heady enough in content to be important in its message. I show it to my Speech & Debate elective every year, but I can see using it for History, ELA, etc...

Anyone know if it's based on a book?

Speaking of which, I'm teaching a Film Appreciation course this summer and I'm looking for book to movie films. Any suggestions?

-Heather WG

Joe Brown's picture

What a great thread idea!

Most of the movies I would have suggested have been said. What's special about Freedom Writers is that I was able to meet Erin Gruwell and hear her speak in person. The story is inspirational in showing the difference one teacher can make. Same can be said for Stand and Deliver.

Another oldie but good is Blackboard Jungle (which has Sidney Porier) as a young student.

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