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Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time?

Favorite Teacher Movie of All Time?

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OK, so here's a thread with very little purpose other than to share some titles of movies that make us smile or think about our own profession. Have a second? Then drop us a comment on your favorite teacher movie of all time! I can't wait to hear what you have to say. -Heather WG

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Mrs. G's picture
Mrs. G
Grade 9 English and Social Studies teacher in Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Meryl Streep, definitely! "Music of the Heart" shows so much of the struggle we put forth for worthy programs.

Nicole Honour's picture

I vote for Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts - shows you how far higher education for women has come since the 50s and 60s

Nancy's picture
9/10th grade US history teacher, CT

I agree Summer School with Marc Harmon was great... and the line at the end in the principals office,,, NO they did not pass but they raised their scores by 50% (paraphrased) is a very valuable argument.

Nancy's picture
9/10th grade US history teacher, CT

Being a history teacher... it is my favorite movie of all time. The mental patient who comes in and teaches the students using role play is what I would love to do but am always afraid to take it too far... and Yes I would dive into character and dress up. One of my inspirations for becoming a teacher taught us about Japan in traditional garb... and performed a tea ceremony for us. Came to school for India in traditional garb and it made such a difference. I am dating myself but she also showed us slides from her trips to these places with her husband in every shot....Inspirational.

Jenni Wright's picture
Jenni Wright
International speaker on changing brains without the need for surgery

Freedom Writers (2007)

nicole's picture
5-8 French and Spanish teacher from Madison, CT

fabulous French movie with beautiful music. Middle school students LOVE it!

Lorraine Gerbino's picture

I am showing my age, but I loved a movie called "Up the Down Staircase" from the 60" with Sandy Dennis...from a great autobiography.

ChrisH's picture
Elementary teacher from Jersey City, NJ

Mr. Holland's Opus. Makes me cry every time!

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