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Mr. Dabb Science teacher

can any one help me find websites that contains Free educational on-line science games and activities?

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7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Maine


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Have you done a search of http://www.freetech4teachers.com/ yet?

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If you like podcasts....

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try lab out loud- it's fantastic.

TED also has great videos...

In terms of games and activities- try making your own at Quia or even try Game Salad.

Variety of Science resources

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Here is a link to a number of sources. Many of them are possibly too young for your class, but there look to be some for higher grade levels as well...


You should check out the

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You should check out the collection of PhET models from the University of Colorado Boulder. Absolutely fantastic stuff with a tremendous repository of resources. http://phet.colorado.edu

Science Games and Activites

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Hi Mr. Dabb,

We recently published a list of 100+ resources from the web, including some science resources. We also have a STEM group where you can post your science questions to. In particular, they have a long discussion thread about STEM Resouces that might be useful for you.

On a side note, if you are on Twitter, try searching for and following #scichat. They are a great resource also.

Good luck!

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Answers from Twitter

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I asked our Twitter audience your question and they came up with a few:

1. www.yogome.com

2. www.wolfquest.org

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