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Free science resources at www.sciTunes.com - made by a middle school teacher

Dan Caldwell

Hi fellow educators! For the last nine years I taught 7th and 8th grade science to both regular and special ed students in Northern New York. Normally I would be gearing up to go back and get my classroom in order, but this year I made the very difficult decision to leave classroom teaching to run my own business - sciTunes Education Products Inc.

At www.sciTunes.com you will find free human body curriculum with other subject areas coming soon. Currently there are 11 fun yet scientifically accurate songs about the systems of the human body, a free pdf download for the digestive system chapter of our book and free video games. Currently we have an Immune System game called "The I Team - Immune Heros!" and we will have a game for each system of the human body very soon.

Hopefully many of you can use this resource with your students!

Thanks for reading!

-Dan Caldwell

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Site was down for the last day and half but is back up now

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Just wanted to add a comment so that anyone who went to www.scitunes.com to make use of the free resources and found a nearly blank site would give it another try. We had a serious server issue that has now been totally fixed. So feel free to use the free music, games, and curriculum in your classrooms. I wish you all a wonderful school year!


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You rock!

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