Welcome, Brave Middle School teachers! Introduce yourself... | Edutopia
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Welcome, Brave Middle School teachers! Introduce yourself...

Welcome, Brave Middle School teachers! Introduce yourself...

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Hey, all you brave tween teachers out there! Welcome to the Edutopia discussion forum. Please introduce yourself a little before exploring our other discussions. I am your moderator, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, middle school teacher by day and author/blogger at night. I was a California Regional Teacher of the Year in 2004, a Writing Project Fellow at the University of California at Irvine, and am a member of the Teacher Leaders Network. I'm a frequent contributor to Teacher Magazine and a staff blogger here at Edutopia. I also blog at www.tweenteacher.com. I currently teach 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts as well as 7th/8th Speech & Debate/Podcasting. Multiple-intelligences, differentiated instruction, Writer’s Workshop, student collaboration, student choice, and fluid grouping define much of my classroom instruction. I look forward to talking about all of these topics and more here in the middle school forum. So please comment a little about who you are, what you're about as a teacher, and what brought you to Edutopia and our middle school forum. For me, it's all about learning from each of you. So challenge yourself to participate in the forum: comment, advise, criticize. Allow the Middle School forum here at Edutopia to be your brain spa of sorts. I look forward to meeting you all. -Heather Wolpert-Gawron

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Danielle OHaren's picture
Danielle OHaren
7th Grade Math Teacher, Pennsylvania

I am currently in my 5th year of teaching middle school math in Elizabethtown, PA. My first two years were spent teaching 6th grade math and 8th grade Pre-Algebra, but I have been teaching 7th grade math since my third year. I really enjoy teaching 6th and 7th graders, but the 8th graders were just a little over the top for me ;)

I am also in the process of earning my Master's Degree in Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University, which is completely fully online. I am taking two courses this fall, and then I will have one final course to take in the spring before graduating! Joining a forum was part of the requirements of one of my current courses, but I am very excited to join in and connect with other middle school teachers!

I am also in my 4th year of coaching volleyball at the high school in my school district. It is interesting to get a different perspective on students in high school versus in middle school. In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my husband, reading, and spending time with my 2-year-old nephew.

Again, I am looking forward to connecting and getting involved in the forum!

Michelle Nelson's picture

I've been leading reading groups in WA middle schools for about six years now. I love the kids, and every day is a new adventure! My interests are differentiated instruction, technology integration, and student accountability in the learning process. I like to take a minimally experimental in my curriculum, and I've incorporated a number of foreign language-learning strategies into my reading groups. I think students can connect with their own language in the same way they learn to connect with second languages, using similar strategies. They should be constantly involved in the language - visually, orally, and aurally. I'd like to explore new practices that accomodate this approach.

JFritz's picture
Eighth grade social studies teacher, Indiana

This will be my first year teaching at the middle school level. I have taught third grade for seven years. This will definitely be a change for me. I look forward to reading and discussing topics in the future.

Pat Kadubeck's picture
Pat Kadubeck
English and Literature-Grades 5-8

Greetings to the Community!
I have a 5th grade homeroom and teach all the English and Literature in 5-8. I love to teach! I want to do it better today than I did yesterday.
Have completed class #1 in my Master's of Education Program: Teaching, Learning, and Leadership.
Look forward to learning more here!

Pat Kadubeck's picture
Pat Kadubeck
English and Literature-Grades 5-8

Wondering...what are some of your approaches to handling late work from students?

RABEH's picture


Marilyn Johnson's picture
Marilyn Johnson
Six grade social studies tacher and Service Learning Director

I love technology and have found that middle school kids love it. Its a great opportunity for them to demonstrate learning in very interesting ways. They learn alot about themselves and you learn alot about them in the process. We should use their interest to fuel their learning and technology is big on kids list. Every year my students are engaged in project based learning using the internet.

Kim Starkey's picture

I'm a 7th grade language arts teacher in Missouri. I am in my 4th year. One of my interests is learning more about project-based learning. I'm always looking for (read hi-jacking) fun ideas to sculpt to fit my environment. I'm lucky in that I work in a building where I can implement most anything I can come up with, as long as it's free. We seem to be somewhat behind in a few areas, but I'm hoping to drag the district along with me.

Antother topic I'm interested in is Instuctional Coaching. I'm hoping to help teachers become the best they can be in a non-punitive way, but my research on this topic is in its infancy.

Due to the prediction of a "blizzard" in our area, I'm hoping to learn a lot in the next few days. I'm thrilled for the chance to interact and learn from this resource.


Memory's picture
7th Grade Language Arts teacher near Lancaster, PA

While I've had my degree and teaching certificate since 1988, I've only been teaching full time for 4 years (several years substituting before that). I absolutely love teaching middle school students!! They have a desire to learn and are so much fun to be around. Sure they are going through all types of changes at this time in their lives, but isn't it great that they have caring, interested adults to help them through those?!

I'm looking forward to being part of this community. I'm looking for ways to use differentiated instruction in my teaching, as well as incorporating technology into what I do everyday. I think this will be a good place to start.

Maggie McVety's picture

This is my third year of teaching and second year at a Title 1 school. This is the first time as a blogger. I am looking to learn as much as can from other teachers. I found this site through my masters program at Walden University and part of the requirement for this week's lesson is to blog. So here it goes....

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