Welcome, Brave Middle School teachers! Introduce yourself... | Edutopia
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Welcome, Brave Middle School teachers! Introduce yourself...

Welcome, Brave Middle School teachers! Introduce yourself...

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Hey, all you brave tween teachers out there! Welcome to the Edutopia discussion forum. Please introduce yourself a little before exploring our other discussions. I am your moderator, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, middle school teacher by day and author/blogger at night. I was a California Regional Teacher of the Year in 2004, a Writing Project Fellow at the University of California at Irvine, and am a member of the Teacher Leaders Network. I'm a frequent contributor to Teacher Magazine and a staff blogger here at Edutopia. I also blog at www.tweenteacher.com. I currently teach 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts as well as 7th/8th Speech & Debate/Podcasting. Multiple-intelligences, differentiated instruction, Writer’s Workshop, student collaboration, student choice, and fluid grouping define much of my classroom instruction. I look forward to talking about all of these topics and more here in the middle school forum. So please comment a little about who you are, what you're about as a teacher, and what brought you to Edutopia and our middle school forum. For me, it's all about learning from each of you. So challenge yourself to participate in the forum: comment, advise, criticize. Allow the Middle School forum here at Edutopia to be your brain spa of sorts. I look forward to meeting you all. -Heather Wolpert-Gawron

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Anthony lee's picture
Anthony lee
Sixth,seventh and eighth grade teacher from Maryland

I have been teaching for 15 years now. When I first started teaching middle school I was able to keep up with the 13 year olds. Now, 15 years later, I am older and they are still 13 years old. I am losing my desire to teach with all the disciplined problems we face today. I need suggestions on classroom management, projects, and new suggestions on working smarter not harder. I teach Spanish and Technology.

Pam Sprute's picture
Pam Sprute
Middle School Teacher at Independent Catholic school in Seattle, WA.

I am a passionate about middle school. I wouldn't want to teach anywhere else. I am especially interested in social emotional learning, as I see the incredible impact it has on kids at this age level. While I am fairly savvy socially, I find it very difficult to feel like I am making any real difference for kids in this arena. There is progress, but the progress is so very slow.

Brenda P's picture
Brenda P
6th grade science/math teacher in Georgia

Hello all! I am a third year teacher in a rural town in Georgia, and I cannot imagine teaching anyone but middle schoolers! My firs three years have been a roller coaster, for sure, but I am never bored. I had a horrible experience when I went through middle school, which inspired me to teach there and hopefully help them through some of the hard times. Little did I know how much harder they have gotten since I was there!

I am very excited about the next school year, as I will be one of only a few teachers to start a new STEM program in my county. I am open to any and all advice!


Diana AuBuchon's picture
Diana AuBuchon
Eighth grade English teacher in Santa Ana, California

I have been teaching MS for 28 years, so that must make me one of the "crazies," but I cannot imagine being happier than I am in my classroom teaching English to my 8th grade students. Heather, have just got your book and am half way through. I am sure we have met as I am after all also a Writing Project fellow through Irvine, although you and Liz probably know me better as Charlie. being new to the art of blogging I look forward to talking about MS with like-minded people. I just love these kids!

Sam Young's picture
Sam Young
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Greenville, NC

Hello all. I am a new 6th grade social studies teacher in Greenville NC. I was looking for some resources to help me ease into the shark tank that is middle grades education and I think that in edutopia I have found that. Looking forward to swapping stories and ideas.

Dr. Tally Burkhart's picture
Dr. Tally Burkhart
English Language Arts Coordinator- Charter School Support Institute

I have taught high school English for over 10 years and was reluctant to move to middle school the last few years. I loved the variety and how every day was an adventure. I'm now working as an English Language Arts Coordinator for a charter school support company. I was also involved in the UCI Writing Project from 2000-2004, so maybe I've met and/or worked with some of you. You can find me as TalzBee on FB and Twitter. Looking forward to sharing issues and ideas together.

Mrs. Hundley's picture
Mrs. Hundley
8th grade social studies teacher from Kansas

I'm clearly slow at responding...oops.

My name is Amer and I teach 8th grade social studies in Great Bend, KS. This will be my 7th year teaching, but only my 3rd year at this building. Previously I taught at a much larger suburban middle school in Topeka. I look forward to using this forum to collaborate with colleagues across the country and learn some new things to try in my classroom.

Jeanie Greenidge's picture

Hi Friends,
I am a middle school theatre arts teacher who also coordinates AVID on my campus. AVID is a college prep. class :) I love being a teacher. This is my 16th year.

Nancy's picture
9/10th grade US history teacher, CT

I teach in a district which has k-8 schools and there is usually a mix of certifications in the middle school grades. Some are elementary cert. k-8 ( an old cert no longer offered) and some are 4-8 ( a cert offered on and off) and then there are some like me 7-12 cert in a specific area.
So here is my question: how do you know what is too "childish" for the tweens when it comes to classroom management ideas and decore and rewards?

I have taught this grade and 8th for 12 years and it varies from group to group. But it also varies with the administrators original certification as well... I find myself looking at ideas that pop up and they are always for k-5, any ideas would be great especially websites or books or blogs

Nancy's picture
9/10th grade US history teacher, CT

Ok Heather thank you... I found your book through another site... but if anyone has additional suggestions please post, I will take it all. This is a new beginning for me this year.

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