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Advice To Young Teachers

Bruce Deitrick Price Founder, Improve-Education.org

I happened on a site asking for advice to teachers. I think the guy was writing a book. Well, I'm not a teacher but that didn't stop me. Here's the exact copy I left. It might start an interesting discussion::::

"I've been writing about education for more than 30 years. The constant refrain I've heard all that time is what a crummy life many teachers have.

Here is my take: a lot of the problems have been built into the system by the bosses at the top, the Education Establishment. The result is quite surprising. We basically have three sets of victims: students, parents, AND teachers.

The odd thing is, many of the teachers have been so successfully brainwashed that they identify with the people at the top rather than with students, parents, and the community generally.

So here's my advice. The more sane and sensible the whole field of education becomes, the more enjoyable your career will be. So you should first of all think of yourself as a reformer, an independent thinker, a person eager to serve truth and knowledge. If you serve the agenda of the Education Establishment (which is often much more concerned with social engineering than anything else), you may well end up undermining both education and your own chances of a satisfying career.

If any of this needs explaining, please see Improve-Education.org or contact me at Word-Wise Education, 757-455-5020. Bruce Price."

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