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Middle school block schedule by semester

Middle school block schedule by semester

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My middle school is considering changing year-long science and social studies classes (45 min. each) into semester classes of 90 minutes. We would still need to teach the same learning targets but rearranged to fit a semester block.

I am trying to wrap my head around this so I don’t end up being the “grumpy old teacher” who is resistant to change and should think about retirement. We are told it will give us more time with students, but it still adds up to the same number of minutes of instruction… larger pie pieces, but less of them.

Has anyone every used this in a middle school setting? I’ve seen it at a high school level, but not with 11-13 year olds.

Does this have a name so I can research it more effectively?

My concerns:

A student could end up with 6th grade science 1st semester and 7th grade science 2nd semester. This would create a year-long gap between science courses. They would still be required to take the state science test.

Does doubling the content each day reduce retention? I kinda think it’s best to let the paint dry between coats to avoid the colors getting mixed.

Thanks for any feedback you can give. Sorry for the rambling… maybe I am getting old. Time to yell at those darn kids who keep walking on my grass!

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