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Adding Video that Engages...Even in Middle Schoool

Adding Video that Engages...Even in Middle Schoool

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Hello Everyone! As a middle school science teacher, I've seen how impactful video can be in the classroom. But my biggest problem was maintaining strong pedagogy with engaging video. Like how do you use a NOVA clip that is super engaging to teach a learning objective like 'velocity has both magnitude and direction'? Over the past year, I've been fortunate enough to work with a group of amazing people, offering the teacher perspective, to develop eduCanon. http://educanon.com/?edutopia

eduCanon makes YouTube work for teachers--preventing students from skipping parts of my screencast/YouTube, adding questions INTO the video that pause it and create an active learning experience, and monitoring each students' progress and proficiency, while providing only the data that leads to actionable next steps.

eduCanon in the classroom makes behavior management easier--all students are working at their own pace and fully engaged in the material! As well, you can share lessons and find others' lessons to modify and use with your class as a time-saver. It's cool. It's free to teachers.

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