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7th Grade Poetry Analysis

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7th grade poetry analysis is difficult for my students. However, they tend to love the discussions. The written analysis is a major problem. Suggestions...?

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Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

What's the goal of the

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What's the goal of the written analysis (vs. the discussion)? What do you mean by a "major problem?" Where are they going wrong?

Can you use the discussion to help them generate content for the written piece? For example, if you're asking them to examine the poems for literary devices, could you use the discussion to pull examples together, discuss *why* they're good examples, and then have students use some of those examples in the written analysis?

Director, Education Division, Creativity & Associates

I recommend the Artful

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I recommend the Artful Thinking approach for alternatives to having your students write about poetry. It will actually help them to become better writers ultimately, but they may not notice the change. Artful Thinking is from Project Zero at Harvard. Here's a link to some of the routines that let you use other art forms to help you teach about poetry. It's very clear and user-friendly, I think. http://www.pzartfulthinking.org/routines.php

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