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Literacy in the Desert-new reservation teacher seeks support

Literacy in the Desert-new reservation teacher seeks support

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From Seattle to 107 in the shade, I'm ready. Or? Aug. 1 is the first day my students arrive, 7th and 8th grade (only 30 in each class) which is broken up to 15 students for two 50 min. sections. One Reading and one LA, repeat. The last two sections will have the 30 students. I will be using the online Beyond Textbooks curriculum (I can't get online to that yet) and this is AZ's first year fully implementing CC.

I've worked with students in outdoor ed., drama, storytelling, performance poetry for 15 years yet never as a full time teacher.
First day, first week, first month, what do I focus on? That's the first question.
Second, I seek informative blogs and sites I can sink my teeth int0-if I have time.
Third, I want to start off with a variety of possibilities (what about syllabus?) including blogs for reading 'logs' and connections to each other /literacy. Are people still using Kidblog?
Also, seek other literacy teachers who bring works to life ala drama/play writing.

Or am I biting off too much, too soon. Any thoughts? Plus, I've written to all the librarians I can think of. Beyond Textbooks allows freedom for me to choose my primary sources; what books am I going to bring to these Hispanic/Native students? I may have some cash to purchase books.
Last, Literacy MS Teachers, are there fool proof spine tingling books to draw my population into them?
I feel like I don't know much of anything at all. Will I ever?

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