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Indirect Learning & Homework

Indirect Learning & Homework

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I'm big on finding ways to increase learning without actually labeling it educational. Things that pay learning residuals over time. For example, when i taught seventh grade math we made door knobs with irrational numbers on the side that said "stay out, busy" and rational numbers on the side that said "come on in". I figured that if used it would pay dividends over time. I have a few other ideas that i never got to implement, but do you have any?

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Hubert V. Yee's picture
Hubert V. Yee
social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Jeremiah,

I taught a simple form of cost-volume-profit analysis to a class of middle school children. I had them imagine that they were starting a candy store. They were excited to look at the exercise as an application of life rather than math.

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