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Seeking Science Websites

Jennifer Krauss Editor, Funderstanding

I am seeking science education sites that focus on interactive activities, such as games and simulations. I welcome your recommendations. Thank you!

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How about this?

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How about this? http://phet.colorado.edu/
There are simulations and teaching suggestions by grades.

Any specific units?

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I teach a lot of physical science (7th grade) and I can usually find some pretty good sites that are interactive, informative, or offer some ideas for activities, but nothing that offers all of that. I usually google the unit and middle school. This gives me some decent hits and I can go from there.

This past unit I was looking for a good activity for Newton's laws of motion and googling that plus middle school was pretty successful. Feel free to visit my classroom site for the links I currently have posted (under "my resources" tab and then click on a unit). Hope that helps :)

Forgot the link :)

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Here is the link to my school web page

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