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Writing Drill

Monique Melancon

Adolescents in Middle School are facing so many challenges and juggling feelings... This is for all subjects, writing is great for letting your thought and feeling out. So I feel for these students the first 5 minutes should be Free-Expression Writing to clear their minds before your lesson begins. Using a compositon notebook, have them put their names on the outside and each entry the write the date at the top and at least five sentences of something they are having trouble with or is happy about. To have a little order put a number on each notebook and keep them in a plastic bin and lay them out before class enters. The students walk in grab and write without any talking.After the 5 mins. have a volunteer place back in the bin quietly. Then start the lesson with them more focus on what you want to teach them. Try it and let me know your feedback.

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I plan to try this strategy

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I plan to try this strategy today. We are currently reviewing for CRCT. I will let you know how this strategy at works during my bellringer.

Students really do enjoy

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Students really do enjoy this! They need a break and time to vent their emotions and frustrations from all the changes going in their lives. Take it up as a participation daily grade. Easy 100 for a;; students. You will also develop much better connections with your students this way. They will feel valued and appreciated when you leave comments in their journal and you may start to see them reach out to you more in class.

7th and 8th grading writing teacher

I start each class with a

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I start each class with a writing prompt, but I certainly like this idea of open writing at the begining of the hour. I plan to try it this week and see what I come up with.

You can try pictures too...

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I teaching reading and writing in 8th grade and have a T-O-N of luck using pictures as prompts...I blogged about it here. Something else to add to your tool belt=)



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