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Bruce Deitrick Price Founder, Improve-Education.org

I just searched the word, and nobody has mentioned it.

Once the Queen of the Sciences, geography is now a homeless waif. Why?

Savor that: the Queen of the Sciences. And now kids can't find their own country on a map.

Methinks this tells a tale. (When I first encountered the phrase, it didn't even compute. Geography? They can't be talking about geography.) I've written a number of pieces, all of them basically pointing out that the Education Establishment, since john Dewey, has been discarding Foundational Knowledge whenever possible. By design.

The relentless attack on testing and standards is part of this crusade against knowledge. Know what? Maybe it's time to go back.

The brain is designed to want information. So, facts are fun. Knowledge is power. And we can't read a newspaper intelligently or listen to the news if we don't know where the main countries are.

Anyway, here's an aggressive analysis of the anti-geography juggernaut. Teachers with even a slightly conservative perspective will be inspired.


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