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Learning Styles--Real or Unreal?

Learning Styles--Real or Unreal?

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Learning styles? Something that didn’t even exist 25 years ago now seems to be a fixed part of American education. Do you ever suspect that maybe we’ve let this thing go too far? Teachers have to waste a lot of time trying to make what they are doing conform to the alleged differences in students. I suspect the kids are a lot more alike than not. I may get myself in trouble with some teachers but I’ve just written an article that challenges the importance of learning styles. The article starts from the fact that “reading readiness” was invented 50 years ago to hide the failure of Whole Word or Look-Say. When children couldn’t learn to read using this bogus technique, the schools would say, “Sorry, your child lacks reading readiness.” Some kids had it; some didn't. This supposed lack gave the schools an excuse for not doing a good job. So-called diverse learning styles are used the same way. For more discussion of "learning styles," please see "51: Learning Styles” on Improve-Education.org ( www.improve-education.org/id77.html )

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