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"Talent Code"

Lisa J. Cooley School Board member, parent of 2 public school students.

Greetings -- I'm the mother of a middle-schooler and sit on our local school board.

I'm also a Suzuki violin teacher who has been fascinated by the discoveries discussed in the book The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle.

I'd be interested in hearing from others who have read this book and are toying with the idea of how to bring "deep practice" into the classroom.

I summarize the book and discuss the connections to public education on my blog, http://mindsofkids.blogspot.com.

Near as I can tell, from what my son tells me, opportunities for "deep practice" don't occur very often in the traditional school setting. He gets it when he goes to fencing practice or drum lesson -- both out-of-school activities.

Anyone interested in pursuing this? I think it ties in very well with discussions of project-based learning and would like to explore these connections.


Lisa Cooley

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